Productivity and efficiency are defining factors for a profitable operation. A rotary milking parlor from GEA’s DairyRotor line offers you uncompromised durability and a flexible operational design where you can structure the milking routine exactly as you choose. Benefit from the ergonomic handling of milking clusters and control units, and determine the degree of automatization yourself all while achieving optimal cow flow. Combining comfortable milking processes with your desired number of milking stalls, each one of GEA’s milking carousels is engineered for the best in operating efficiency with the fewest amount of people in the parlor. Would you like to stay with two milking times per day? Or are you planning a continuous 24/7 operation? Energy-efficient, low-maintenance components make sure you get robust performance and long lifetimes out of your desired rotary system. Whether with an external or internal rotary milking parlor, a commercial farm or a family farm, launch the productive future of your dairy business.

Every rotary milking parlor from GEA’s DairyRotor product line revolves around decades of experience made from countless system start-ups worldwide. Join the leaders in the latest development technology!