RPS Vaccum Pumps

GEA Farm Technologies produced its first vacuum pumps as far back as 1927. And since as early as 1937, dairy farmers all over the world have been enjoying the benefits of oillubricated pumps. Today, GEA Farm Technologies offers quality pumps in line with the latest developments in technology based on many years of experience. The precise construction of the rotor and the pump housing enables efficient and economical vacuum creation.

RPS has more staying power.

The basic prerequisite for gentle yet economical milking is a constant milking vacuum, the RPS vacuum pumps from GEA Farm Technologies are particularly reliable in this respect. In the case of sudden air ingress the pumps will maintain the correct vacuum level: large vacuum reserves ensure that the milking process does not break down immediately which is especially important for gentle and constant milking. By deciding on an oil-lubricated RPS pump GEA Farm Technologies guarantees constant optimum performance for a stable milking vacuum which provides the basis for long-term udder health.

Safe precise control

All the elcetrical devices are interconnected in the central motor control system that starts and runs the vacuum pump installation. For example, the selector switch on the automatic rinsing device can be used to start up the whole milking installation. The selector switch for example on the automatic rinsing device can be used to start up the whole milking installation. The integrated motor protection switch ensures maximum safety. The motor control system has a particularly long service life and is extremely maintenance-friendly with a splash-proof housing. Another benefit is the built-in hours counter that monitors exactly when the next routine service is due to be carried out.

RPL: The vacuum pump

Unlike conventional two-vane Lobe vacuum pumps, the RPL series uses three-vane rotors. This special design ensures the highly efficient creation of the vacuum for milking installations. The quiet non-contact operation of the three-vane rotor reduces the exhaust noise to a minimum. This is optimised by the specially designed pressure compensating system. High-precision manufacturing methods are used to produce the straight-tooth gear wheels of the drive unit. This ensures absolutely precise synchronous operation and minimum wear.

Built-in safety

The Vacurex or Commander vacuum regulators ensure that the vacuum level remains constant even if the loadings change. They are servocontrolled and react at lightning speed within 5/100 of a second. Large filter surfaces ensure that the control valves and filters continue to operate reliably even after they have been in operation for many hours. The Commander regulator is optimally designed to ensure a constant milking vacuum on the largest installations.

The vacuum monitor protects the system against defects caused by excessive vacuum. If the vacuum level is exceeded, it switches on automatically and stops the vacuum pump. The safety float in the vacuum tank prevents too much water from being sucked into the pump – condensation water is automatically separated off.

Vacuum line

The shapes of the branches and bends in the vacuum lines are designed to facilitate flow in particular – this means energy savings as far as the vacuum pump is concerned while also saving on your energy costs. 

VoD – EnergySaver

A brilliantly simple way to save your money and the environment! Help yourself and the environment: react to changing vacuum demand with the new VoD EnergySaver and achieve 80% energy savings.

With the new VoD EnergySaver you only generate as much vacuum as you actually need. Brilliantly simple, it does this with a frequency controller fitted to the vacuum pump motor. It samples the vacuum level and regulates the speed of your vacuum pump, thus saving energy. You only pay for the vacuum that you actually need for milking. Thanks to the smart controller in the VoD EnergySaver, the amount of vacuum produced is exactly the amount needed to regulate the vacuum level perfectly. And all of this with the pleasing side effect of less noise.