Classic 300 & Classic 300 E

A good shoe must fit the foot – poor fitting shoes will cause foot problems. Far-fetched? Not at all! For maximum milk yields the cluster must fit the udder like a good shoe fits the foot. And every udder is different!

Always a good fit:
Classic 300 and Classic 300 E clusters

For rapid milking results and a high throughput, you need a balanced cluster. With the Classic 300 / E, approximately two-thirds of the cluster’s weight is in the teat cup shells. This prevents rigidity of the cluster on the udder.

The specially formed spoon-shaped connectors on the clawpiece mean that the short milk tube remains flexible and elastic. This enables it to form into the ideal curved profile, allowing the cluster to fit any udder shape without problems, just like a well-fitting shoe.

The result: is exact positioning of the teat cups and maximum freedom of movement for the cluster. The sensitive teats receive an even load and are treated with uniform care, whilst each individual quarter is optimally milked.

IQ. The world’s first four-way milking cluster

The combination of maximum flexibility and optimum weight distribution ensures that your IQ is always securely adhered to the teats. The flexible part of the short milk hose has been doubled. The nipples and sight glass have been removed and the shape has been trimmed for maximum flexibility. Everything has been done to ensure optimum adaptability – regardless of the udder shape!

Fine adjustment of the claw centre of gravity and the new positioning of the hose connection always keep your IQ in the correct position. The weight sits precisely where it is needed: 80% on the teat and 20% in the milk guide piececlaw. Quick and non-stressful milking of all four quarters of the udder can be realised without any air ingressions and with a high throughput.

Milk production during the new decade:
Every penny counts!

Now is the time for greater intelligence to be used with milking clusters. Now is the time for IQ. The first four-way teat cluster in the world.

Its revolutionary four-way technology ensures that you always have maximum milk quality, quantity and udder health. Using it is incomparably easy! Easier attaching, milking and maintenance.

IQ. Four ways to get better milk quality.

The new, revolutionary milk guide piece has been designed following the natural structure of a cow’s udder: It is sub-divided into 4 guide chambers. As opposed to conventional systems the milk is no longer collected any more, the milk is lead quarter individual and channelled to the outlet. Thanks to the incline in the respective cluster chamber this process is now faster and much more gentle. Consequently, your IQ will prevent teat-to-teat cross-contamination and the udder will remain healthy.