Quick group changes and precise positioning let you achieve high work efficiency with the herringbone milking parlor. GEA’s DairyParlor line features a variety of successful formulas you can benefit from. Wide alleys allow cows to enter the milking stall stress-free and stand comfortably and relaxed for better milking. The convenient milking stall dimensions enable fast attaching over short distances, offering an excellent view of the individual cow. For easy ergonomic handling and little effort, the milking clusters and control units are placed within easy reach. Sensible functions such as gate control can be integrated directly at the milking stall. In addition, depending on equipment, various components can be easily connected to your herd management’s digital network, if desired.

Are you looking for a way to further increase throughput and profitability with a herringbone configuration? Thanks to short retention times and fast group changes, the optional “Rapid Exit” helps you save significant time and the integrated indexing functions speed up and simplify attaching.