DairyFeed J
For Healthy Growth of a New Generation

Healthy calf raising forms the basis for performance orientated and profitable dairy farming. The optimum foundation for successful calf raising is provided by GEA Farm Technologies’ automatic calf feeders. They supply your calves according to their needs and reduce your routine work in calf raising to a minimum.

The ideal curve for healthy growth

Each calf develops differently – therefore individual feeding is the key to success. GEA Farm Technologies‘ automatic calf feeders can be programmed to meet animalrequirements: whether for raising, feeding or fattening. Each calf receives what it needs for healthy growth.

Healthy nutrition through constant monitoring

A sudden change in the feeding behaviour is an indicator of poor health in your calves. Therefore, GEA Farm Technologies‘ feeding systems record the feeding and drinking habits of the calves and immediately report any deviation. This simplifies calf monitoring and reduces vet costs. Healthy and quick calf growth is therefore guaranteed.

The new automatic calf feeder generation

As soon as a calf enters the feeding station and makes known its desire to feed, the exactly determined feed is quickly, hygienically and reliably prepared. Age-dependent and individually – also with fresh milk. To provide your calves with an ideal basis for healthy growth, the calf feeder automatically takes over preparation and enrichment of the feed. The new generation of feeders has been designed around well-proven functions and these are present in the new + version that has additional and improved features.


Tuned to the wavelength for the new generation

No calf misses out!

Calves are the potential for a successful future of every dairy farm. Ensure growth through strong, high-performance animals right from birth! Milk intended for feeding calves can be further improved through the use of the innovative UVPure system. The ultraviolet light eliminates bad bacteria in the milk without affecting the milk’s valuable nutrients. One of UVPure’s impressive features is the system’s ability to gently prepare perfectly hygienic calf milk while requiring very little energy for the process. The nutrient-rich food provides your calves with the perfect start and a successful future while also using every benefit your own production has to offer.

Perfect nutrition – pure health

Establish your own successful rearing system with reliable technology which integrates seamlessly into your calf feeding system: You can trust UVPure with every purified batch! The preparation process is completely automatic and completed within only a short period of time, depending on the amount processed. The milk can also be warmed up to the right feeding temperature for the calves. The perfectly hygienic, nutrient-rich milk can then be distributed directly among the calves.

Whether via a mobile trolley such as the MilkBuggy or via the DairyFeed J automatic calf feeders. Healthy nutrition at precisely the right time!

This technology will delight you!

GEA Farm Technologies utilises the anti-bacterial effects of UV light to ensure outstanding milk quality during those important first few days of a calf’s life. The UV light penetrates into the bacteria cells contained within the milk, destroying their DNA bonds and eliminating their ability to reproduce and grow. No pathogens, no risk of illness: Give the newest members of the herd a strong future!

The pure joy of growth

The purification process using UVPure delivers a large number of benefits: Above all, vitamins, proteins and protective immunoglobulin remain intact. Milk or colostrum containing pathogens will become an outstanding nutrient-rich product which permanently reinforces the animal’s immune system. Furthermore, the innovative system has an advantage to other processes such as pasteurisation, for example, in terms of both the time required and in view of the low electricity consumption. The environmentally-friendly purifying process also represents the cost-minimising alternative to the use of milk replacers. Create value and growth with UVPure!

Tuned to the wavelength for the future

The productive core elements of the UVPure system are the UV turbulators, consisting of double-walled stainless steel cylinders with internal glass tubing which guide the milk past the UV light in a spiral. This process has proven its ability to eliminate bacteria and pathogens. The modules are available with two or three turbulators and three different sized milk vats. UVPure is ideally suited for maintaining herds starting from 100 cows. Simply switch on the light for successful calf raising.