Automated cluster flushing to disinfect clusters between cows in the parlour.



  • Minimises cross-infections of contagious mastitis pathogens;
  • Improves herd health and milk quality;
  • Automated cluster back-flushing saves labour;
  • Every cow, every milking;
  • Complete – whole cluster and milk tube;
  • Efficacy tested and proven results;
  • Safe, simple and reliable;
  • Suits most parlour systems.

The Basic Function 

• A 350ml pressure vessel at each point is gravity-filled with flushing solution from a header tank.

• The flushing solution contains an approved disinfectant based on peracetic acid that is measured accurately using a dosing pump.

• A y-piece connects the pressure vessel to the long milk tube. Compressed air forces the flushing solution out of the pressure vessel, through the long milk tube and through the cluster, discharging from the teat cup liners onto the parlour floor. The pressure vessel refills with flushing solution and the cluster is flushed for a second time. A longer air blast then removes excess solution from the cluster and long milk tube and the unit is then ready for the next cow.

• For swingover parlours the flushing sequence starts as soon as the cluster comes off the cow. This enables the cluster to be ready for reattachment at the end of the 15-20-second flush sequence.

• For doubled up parlours all the units on one side of the parlour are flushed together during cow exit and entry.

In an unedited survey of system users the following results were reported. Please note that no specific claim or guarantee of results is given and that these are simply indicative of real user experiences. In addition to backflushing installation other factors may have changed in either a positive or a negative direction. For the best results we recommend an individual consultation by one of our GEA Farm Services Field Managers.