Liquid Manure Spreaders and Tool Bars

For spreading all types of liquid manure

Sweep Injectors

To inject the manure in a wide pattern close to the roots. Manure applied with minimum odour while maintaining the maximum concentration of nutrients.

  • Heavy-duty pressurized tool bar with gauge wheel;
  • Individual adjustable springs on each injector;
  • Available with optional 51 cm coulter wheels;
  • Injectors available with 41 or 57 cm wide sweeps that gradually slice or cut open the ground for slurry injection;
  • Available with 4, 5 or 6 sets of injectors for injecting manure on 2.3, 3 or 3.8 meter wide;


Hydraulic Disc Injectors

The tool bar with hydraulic discs injects liquid manure in all types of soil at a minimum speed of 8 km/h and a maximum depth of 15 cm. Each disc injector is connected to a hydraulic cylinder in order to better follow the contour of the field. This means, each injector adapts to uneven ground while maintaining its working depth not affecting the working depth of the other injector


Power Take-Off Agitators

Powerful Liquid Manure Agitators

GEA Farm Technologies PTO Agitators are designed to offer high agitation performance in all types of manure storage. Depending on whether you have a lagoon, a concrete pit or a raceway pit, we have the agitator to meet your quality and efficiency standards.

GEA Farm Technologies cares about the quality of the environment and continuously works to implement effective environmental management systems applicable in all facets of the business.


Power Take-Off Pumps

Powerful PTO pumps to handle liquid manure

For decades GEA Houle Inc. has offered PTO pumps, a wide range of products designed to agitate and facilitate the evacuation of manure from your main manure storage pit. Because manure characteristics are as varied as the types of storage, GEA Houle Inc. has extended the strength and power of its two main pumps, the Agi-Pompe and Super Pump, toward three distinct uses.

  • The vertical pumps offer six different configurations to allow easy installation and removal from concrete pits.
  • Our lagoon pumps are specifically designed to facilitate the approach, agitation and transfer of manure from lagoons.
  • The far-reaching articulated pumps, secured solidly with a 3-point hitch are designed to mix and transfer manure from larger concrete pits.

GEA Houle Inc. strives to provide solutions that support proper manure management by offering products with a wide range of options to aid in manure transfer from pits, lagoons and to our spreaders.With our knowledge of manure, GEA Houle Inc. has the ability to anticipate the needs of farmers and transform that knowledge into ingenious, efficient and high quality products. GEA Farm Technologies – The right choice when it comes to manure handling. GEA Houle Inc. cares about the quality of the environment and continously works to implement effective environmental management systems applicable in all facets of the business.


Professional manure management

Products and systems for manure handling 

GEA Farm Technologies system has proven their value under the most stringent of conditions.

The Canadian company, GEA Houle Inc., is the leading manufacturer of products and systems for manure handling in agriculture. The company’s head office and the factory are in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. GEA Houle Inc. has more than 100 dealers all over North America, who, together with the dealers from GEA WestfaliaSurge Inc., promote their current range of products. Approximately 90% of GEA Farm Technologies manure products and systems are sold for dairy and hog farmers in North America. The robust top-quality design coupled with proven technology make the products highly suitable for hard-wearing professional installation.

Futuro – pumps thick liquid slurry from free stall barn to the long-term storage area The especially robust design of the pump housing on the Futuro piston pump offers outstanding reliability with ultimate efficiency. The sharp edges and urethane seals mean that the valves close to form a firm seal. The low pressure mechanical reversing system guarantees a smooth operation, without exposing the components to extreme hydraulic pressure.



Strong – agile – tireless For perfect barn hygiene

If you’re honest, aren’t you secretly yearning for someone you can give the whole “dirty work” business to? Now you can, officially and without any qualms – with the help of the SRone, your new tool for keeping the barn clean effectively and effortlessly.

Successful milk production starts with barn hygiene!

Good hygiene standards in the barn lower infection pressure, prevent claws diseases and mastitis, andpromote animal hygiene. This makes clean slatted floors essential for profitable milk production. The SRone cleans the floor for you as often as needed to remove liquid manure – the habitat and nutrition source for pathogens, bacteria and insects – from the surface of the slats. You’ll soon come to value it: healthy claws and clean udders simplify overall herd management. The result – healthy animals produce more milk and give rise to lower costs


Calm atmosphere in all areas of the barn

The SRone moves noiselessly between the animals without causing any agitation. Quite the opposite, the cows take to it right from the start. Flat and compact, the SRone moves smoothly under gates and carries out its work without supervision. The safety switch is particularly animal-friendly; as soon as the pushing is exceeded, it stops forward movement and starts an obstacle-avoidance manoeuvre.



Modular Piston Pump

A positive displacement pump with outstanding performance to evacuate thick manure over a long distance at a constant flow rate. The SYNC2, with its strong and compact design is efficient and requires low horsepower.

We recommended this pump to feed the horizontal dewaterer XTract with a continuous flow rate. SYNC2 is the result of more than 25 years of experience in proven hydraulic technology.

HOULE Underground Manure Pumps



Field proven for over 25 years to evacuate dairy manure.


Magnum with Standard Discharge 

Used when top of reservoir is lower than the barn foor


Siphoning Cycle

During the siphoning cycle, the evacuation guillotine shuts down, the hopper guillotine opens, and finally, the piston siphons the manure from hopper.


Evacuation Cycle

During the evacuation cycle, the hopper guillotine closes, the evacuation guillotine opens, and finally, the piston pushes the manure into the evacuation line.


Electromix System

The Electromix System is designed to homogenize solid manure and liquid into a slurry that can be evacuated on long distances through small PVC pipe.



Cascading Roller Press System



The XPress is designed to press wet fiber so it can be manageably piled. The percentage of moisture remaining in the fiber is well suitable for composting or green bedding depending on the configuration chosen.


Key Features

  • Low horsepower drive system (1.1 KW)
  • Easy access to the inside of the steel roller for fast cleaning
  • One-piece 1/2″ (13 mm) thick scraper, easily removeable from the front
  • Easy cleaning non-sticking stainless steel chute
  • Pneumatic pressure system for a smooth operation
  • Heavy-duty double tapered roller bearings for a long lasting operation
  • When fed by the XTract, an XPress can
  • be equipped with a sonar to monitor the level of manure in the hopper and adapt the speed of the rollers accordingly to maximize dry matter content of the output



Twin Piston Pump

Energy efficient pump designed to give a steady flow rate!

Key Features

  • Recommended for feeding the XTract horizontal dewaterer with a constant volume
  • Easily accessible silicone flapper doors
  • Hydraulic piston technology proven for more than 25 years
  • Hydraulic flow control valve to adjust flow rate
  • Steady flow rate between 75 and ca. 600 l/min.
  • Positive displacement pump with 2″ cylinders that can develop up to 207 kPa (ca. 2 Bar) in the evacuation line
  • Two available bases:
  • Steel flapper for fiberous material urethane flappers for non-fiberous material or water



Horizontal Dewaterer

The affordable choice for dairy farms up to 700 cows! Recommended for feeding the XPress Cascading Roller Press System. Can process up to 150 litre per minute of dairy manure. Output between 16 and 20 % dry matter.

Key features

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Simple and economical design
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly adjustment
  • Low horsepower drive system: Only 0.55 KW
  • Very low and easy maintenance
  • Unique design rotary screen to accelerate separation