DairyFeed C
The optimum concentrate feeding system


The right amount of feed at just the right time.

The optimal feeding of each individual animal is the prerequisite for the healthy day-to-day life of the herd. DairyPlan C21 and out of parlour feeding stalls are designed to ensure that feed allocation is carried out according to the latest feed rationing techniques. Once the presence of the cow in the feeding stall has been detected by a Responder around the animal’s neck or a foot or neck Rescounter, DairyPlan C21 ensures that the animal receives its allotted amount of feed.

DairyPlan C21 allows you to implement feeding strategies in a competent and efficient way. Daily rations are automatically calculated in relation to milk yield, lactation status and, if available, BCS (BodyConditionScore).

The dynamic timed feed allocation ensures the regular intake of rations throughout the day, even the animal visits the feeding stall at irregular intervals.

Precise identification of each cow in the feeding stall is carried out by a Responder around the animal’s neck or a foot or neck Rescounter. Rescounters record the cow’s activity level which increases when the animal is on heat.

GEA Farm Technologies automated out of parlour feeding system, DairyFeed C-8000, can handle up to four different types of feed. All feeding stalls are equipped with high quality stainless-steel troughs. The transponder identifies the animal via the Responder or Rescounter.

Volume-dosing devices in each feeding stall ensure that the animal receives just the right amount of feed. The system functions regardless of whether it is handling large or small portions, and pellets or meal-based mixtures.