Cleaning milking clusters appears to be a simple task. However, keeping an eye on the cleaning process is not only important for financial reasons. Our tip for greater hygiene and flexibility in the milking parlour: The new CIP (Cleaning in place) from GEA Farm Technologies. Profit from an intelligent cleaning system.

More flexible than ever

Benefit from pure operating comfort: Regardless of whether you own a Classic or an IQ cluster, or you milk with rubber liners or silicone liners. The new CIP from GEA Farm Technologies guarantees rapid and simple handling. The modular design enables something that was not possible before. Makes your cluster loading simple and comfortable.

Teat profils change with time – but your CIP remains flexible Rubber liner or silicone liner, that is the question. The new CIP has the gratest flexibility. Because plates or cups can be replaced quickly and simple if and when you change the size or type of liner. However, your CIP remians the same, regardless of how the teat profils change.

 Compass Plus

The direct route to safe cleaning.

Create clean conditions, of the highest standard:

Perfect cleaning and disinfecting of all milk-carrying parts are an absolute necessity for the production of clean raw milk with a low germ count. Anyone who skimps here will pay for it later with a lower milk price. With Compass Plus cleaning technology you can shorten cleaning times by up to 50% compared with conventional circulation cleaning systems. This increases your milking capacity, and lowers operating costs cause less power is consumed.

Compass Plus – the clean solution for your milking system. 

The Compass Plus Cleaning Control consists of three modules: Compass Plus Control, Compass Plus Dispensing Control and Compass Plus Storage Control. This concept of having Centres that are perfectly matched to each other is the solution for a cleaning system that will leave no deposits and ensure a low germ count. With crystal clear settings, such as the speed of the slugs of water in the line, the dispensing of the cleaning solution or the control of air admission (for reliable turbulence), Compass Plus will provide a crystal clear result.

Compass Plus makes clear settings measurable:

During the cleaning process, 25 – 30 slugs of water pass through the milk line. Compass Plus ensures that the correct solution flows through the lines at a speed of 7 – 10 metres per second to guarantee effective cleaning.

The Compass Plus Control Solution

separates water, chemicals and electronic functions to ensure a long service life and a high level of technical reliability.

But Compass Plus has even more to offer:

save money by choosing the most cost effective water heating system for your farm (e.g. electricity, oil, gas, bio-gas, heat exchanger or other heating system). The wash water can also be collected separately and used for a second application, e.g. cleaning the milking parlour.



Fully automatic plant washing at the touch of a button

VarioTherm is a powerful but economical automatic wash system with an external wash trough used in conjunction with an external hot water supply. It is based on the wash water and air injection circulation principle and guarantees to clean your milking installation perfectly. The easily operated system electronically monitors time, temperature and water level at all stages and can be easily adjusted to suit all types and sizes of systems.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully automated system ensures consistent cleaning – routine cannot be disrupted through interruptions.
  • Error messages warn operator of potential problems to allow action before they become an issue.
  • Three separate pumps enable the use of the most effective cleaning systems, whilst precise and accurate dosing of dairy chemicals and disinfectants minimises wastage.
  • Large bore hot/cold water solenoids minimise temperature losses at the wash trough to clean the plant efficiently and economically.
  • Limit switches prevent contamination of the bulk milk with wash water.

GEA Farm Technologies is a global leader in the development of new and innovative products and circulation cleaning systems suitable for use in the VarioTherm automatic plant washer. The products are available from GEA Farm Technologies’ dealers who are trained in all aspects of dairy hygiene management. We also have a dedicated team of hygiene specialists to provide the backup when required to help resolve difficult and unexpected problems quickly and efficiently.