Free Stall Feeder

An optimised feed supply system leads to high-quality milk

Ready for automatic feeding, open to new ideas

The optimization of animal feed, increased yield, long-term growth or expansion of the herd – whatever thoughts come into mind when thinking about the subject of TMR feeding – the Free Stall Feeder transfers your ideas directly onto the feed alley.

The rail-mounted feeder provides your herd with a finely measured amount of feed from a stationary mixer or a silage bunker – reliably and round the clock. This results in a terrific saving in time and labour for you every day. The system is space saving, thus reducing the costs for any extension to your cow barn and is similarly suitable for any upgrading. Give a free rein to your plans for the future, the Free Stall Feeder will support you on the path to top-quality milk!

Set up an independent feed supply system in your free stall barn

The Free Stall Feeder weighs-in TMR from a stationary mixer and each group will then have exactly the numbers of kilo which you want! Quietly and with amazing precision it then distributes its contents onto the feed alley in a programmed cycle – thanks to its feed conveyor either on left- or right side. Which group receives its TMR ration, at what time, how much and how often, is determined through computer control by you alone!

As thanks the cows clear up the table

Take advantage of the benefits  of the Free Stall Feeder and the feeding system using TMR strategies: The volume of TMR can be divided among the animal groups and adjusted depending on the current performance, while selective feed intake can be avoided. Multiple dispensing activates the cows resulting in a relaxed atmosphere as well as minimizes feed loss and prevents over-feeding. Healthy animals will make the automatic feeding system worthwhile by rewarding you with litre upon litre of top-quality milk!



Mix Feeder

Intelligent feeding that cows just love to lap up!

Sit back and take things easy during feeding!

In the future let a good part of your work be made easy: The Mix Feeder is the fully automated feeder that you can entrust with individual mixing and distribution in your free stall barn around the clock. The Mix Feeder carries out its tasks in such a relaxed, precise and quiet manner that you can just sit back and watch.

Mixtures for a sense of happiness

Whether it is for top-performing cows, heifers, dry cows – the Mix Feeder will make the optimal TMR ration. Depending on the computer control command the Mix Feeder travels to the silage bunkers and weighs in feed ingredients according to the feed plan for each animal group. After the mixing follows distribution for the pre-programmed feeding groups. It is so easy to get your cows to perform because of the fresh mixed silage.

The cows just lap it up!

The cows are happy with the Mix Feeder. The low noise of its weighing, mixing and distribution ensures a relaxed atmosphere in the cow barn, avoiding stress and rush. You can despatch the feeder when and as often as you want! A frequent cycle frees you and your staff from time-consuming routine work, ensures calm during the distribution of the feed and avoids over-feeding of the cows.

A thoroughly clean yield right up to the final milk

Cows like things to be so clean that they can eat from the floor. Therefore the rail-mounted Mix Feeder carries out the feeding freely suspended directly above the feedalley. Dirt from vehicle tyres, contaminating the feed, isthus a thing of the past. That means clean feed for a thoroughly clean milk yield.

Always fresh onto the feed alley

Reduce your share of the work down to the filling up of the silage bunkers! The storage of silage in separate bunkers prevents things such as fermentation processes and the continuous preparation of fresh mixed feed rations ensures top quality silage on the feed alley. Thus you can be sure at the same time that important nutrients reach your cows around the clock!



The full-line silage-bunker programme

The modular silage-bunker with the non-waste?

Non-waste double floor is a natural part of the automatic feeding system.

MM8 silage-bunkers maintain stocks of all different types of roughage and are an integrated part of your automatic feeding system. The non-waste double floor is designed to avoid any rest material on the floor and what is left over on the carriers and chains at the top-end will automatically be pulled in from the bottom-end. The heat treated MU-1031 chains and spring steel carriers ensure a strong and reliable transport of silage to the top augers which dose even and precise into the feeder or the belt. The bottom and other parts like lowest side plates are naturally made of stainless steel ensuring long lifetime. The automatic- or semiautomatic chaintightensystem ensures a reliable and safe operation of the bottom chain.

Strong and waterproofed plywood for the sides, strength outside with galvanized profiles makes the MM8 a bunker with probably the lowest maintenance costs on the market. Take full advantage of the flexibility in the MM8 bunker and choose between the angled- or the horizontal version, extent the bunker with another module, make the bunker fit to your way of feeding using silage blocks or loose material. The reverse function is an option for fillingthe bunker even more efficiently. Choose the optimal mix of bunkers and let it fit to your feeding system and you are ready to reduce your work load to a minimum just filling the bunkers once per day and only when it suits into to your daily programme.