FutureCow is the reliable and extremely effective alternative to other teat scrubbers offered in the UK. FutureCow stands above the rest because we build our products to be maintenance free, and we build them to last

  • Wash, dry, disinfect and stimulate in one easy step
  • Zero maintenance hand-held Teatscrubbers
  • Antimicrobial brushes eliminate bacteria growth
  • Bi-layered teat-end brush stimulates any size teat
  • Exclusive chlorine-dioxide solution kills microorganisms and leaves no residue

Reduce labour costs

  • Most dairies can eliminate one full time position per shift
  • Rotary parlours require one less worker per shift
  • Parallel & Herringbone parlours can reduce 1-2 positions
  • Farms see more cows milked per hour by current number of workers

Consistent & efficient

  • Teat prep is streamlined, shortening time required vs. traditional prep
  • Consistent cleaning for all cows
  • Eliminates one pass for workers
  • Brush speed optimized for maximum let down and milk out
  • Patented disinfectant provides rapid kill of microorganisms

Better brushes

  • Durable, soft brushes remove soil and provide stimulation
  • Antimicrobial brushes eliminate bacterial growth between uses
  • Multi-layered teat-end brush cleans any teat length
  • Lower spin speed will not irritate the sensitive skin of a teat