ADF Milking
Automatic Dipping and Flushing System


The benefits of the ADF system start immediately post milking – with perfect timing.

The open teat canal, after milking, is protected from infection in an instant, dramatically reducing the risk of negative pressure drawing bacteria into the open teat canal immediately after milking. Cross contamination between cows is controlled because the milking unit is automatically sanitised between each milking. Every teat, on every cow, at every milking benefits from sanitised liners. Improved cow health saves money, increases milk yield and saves time. Many ADF farmers tell us that now they have their mastitis cases and somatic cell counts under control they’re achieving additional lactations and greater herd longevity.

An average cost of one clinical case of mastitis is considered to be around £211

Not only through the cost of mastitis treatment and veterinary costs, but also other indirect costs such as discarded milk, reduced milk yield and quality, fertility problems, higher replacement costs, loss of genetic potential and extra labour requirements.

Traditional post-milking routines are not only time consuming but disruptive to milking and can be prone to human error.

By automating the dip and fl ush process ADF’s simple and robust system automatically applies ‘dip’ (emollients and sanitiser) to cows’ teats immediately after milking. The teat cups are then automatically rinsed and disinfected ready for the next cow.

Typically, installation of the ADF system will result in a 20% reduction in the milking time. This in turn means a reduction in labour hours, electricity charges, service costs and depreciation of your plant.

The ADF system is becoming a must have for modern dairy farmers looking to increase efficiency and profitability.

ADF reduces the need for extra labour costs in expanding farms (by further automating the milking routine) enabling farms to be more cost-effective. By removing the need to dipliners and flush the clusters manually you maximise parlour throughput and concentrate on the important business of milking. With the double action of keeping your cows healthier and keeping your labour costs under control you’ll start to see the benefits of using ADF where it matters most – in your pocket.