The HOOFCOUNT footbath was developed and introduced to the UK market in 2012/2013. Designed with simplicity in mind, it now has a sustained reputation in the UK as the Market leader in Effective and Reliable Footbathing. There are very few moving parts to the Footbath and once the bath is installed correctly, it should work without too much problem.

There are 2 main sizes of HOOFCOUNT bath, but as we make these ourselves, we are able to offer a bespoke service to customers and this is particularly helpful on Robot systems where space might be a high consideration.

* The standard HOOFCOUNT Footbath is up to 3m long and 800mm (internal) wide. This bath allows 2 dips per hoof and is used mostly in smaller herds and especially off Robotic systems.

* The HOOFCOUNT Excel Bath is 3.7m long and 600mm (internal) wide. This bath allows 3 dips per hoof and is especially good for much larger herds 200+ and especially on the exit of Rotary systems. This system also benefits from the strong, stainless steel side sheets which allow the chemical to remain in the bath as well as ensure that cows are unable to step on the side of the bath.

All HOOFCOUNT baths come with the same control box as standard. This having 2 chemical pumps to allow a farmer to alternate chemical solution. The Footbath may be operated using the Cow Counter, a timer, or manually. A farmer can decide how much Chemical and which chemical to use on different days. Good footbathing practice is seen to be ‘little and often’. This being everyday, the chemical ratio in the bath may be as low as 1.5%.