CowMander 600/700 series

Gentle direct entry into the parlour GEA Farm Technologies has rethought the “concept of backing gates“ while putting the emphasis on cow comfort and working efficiency. The result: the new CowMander series herds the cows while keeping them free from stress and keeps the collection yard clean.

The scraper

Replaces the need for manual scraping after milking. The flexible scraper blade also ensures that surfaces are kept clean even if the floor is uneven.

Fast entry

No matter the type or make of milking parlour you have, the robust, cow-friendly gate from the CowMander series is easy to control via the automatic controller. The electro-hydraulic drive enables forward and reverse travel at various speeds, whilst integrated limit and safety switches prevent injury. CowMander 600/700 helps you to make your cows go where you want.

Whatever the slope (up to 10 %) or width of your waiting area (up to 15 m), GEA Farm Technologies has a CowMander to suit your individual requirements – with appropriate framework for the collection yard if required.

The hydraulic drive

The electro-hydraulic motor drives both sides simultaneously. The drive unit can be installed either on the left-hand or right-hand side. The technology is non-slip, energy-saving and has a low rate of wear. A single-acting hydraulic ram raises and lowers of the driving gate. CowMander automatically ensures that groups of animals are separated quite easily.

Gentle entry

The cow-friendly design of the CowMander series provides an extremely high level of comfort for the animals. An audio signal prompts the herd to move forwards. Cows that lag behind are gently encouraged to keep moving – directly and without deviation – towards the milking parlour. Safety is an important consideration: if there is too much resistance, the gate will stop, go back a set distance before proceeding forwards once again.