Plate Coolers

For lower production costs and improved milk quality.

Reduce energy use and the costs of milk production The plate cooler is an essential part of any cooling system. Rapid reduction in milk temperature protects milk quality by suppressing bacterial growth. Dramatic savings in electricity and compressor wear and tear ensure optimum performance at all times.

A single-bank plate cooler consists of a series of stainless steel plates. Warm milk flows through alternate plates in one direction whilst cold water flows through the remaining plates in the opposite direction removing heat from the milk. A double bank plate cooler has two sets of plates, so the milk and water pass through twice thus improving the efficiency of heat exchange. A correctly-sized plate cooler will reduce the temperature of the milk to a-b°C (single-bank) or c-d°C (double bank).

There are a number of options for using the residual warm water from the plate cooler. For example, it may be used as part of a heat recovery system for heating wash water, for pre-rinsing the milking equipment, or for washing down the parlour at the end of milking.

The GEA Farm Technologies plate cooler leads the way in milk cooling technology. High capacity plates that are 50% larger than the normal size maximise the area of the cooling surface and minimise the pressure drop. 40mm milk inlets/ outlets and 1½” BSP water inlets/outlets ensure unrestricted flow through the plate cooler. A complete stainless steel construction prevents rusting of frame and provides longevity.



High Performance Inside

Choose Intelligent Cooling

Inside the GEA Farm Technologies TCool tank, your profits flow with the milk! Because an intelligent cooling and cleaning concept take into account every factor affecting the high-quality tank so that you can save at precisely where it counts.

Invested capital costs, feed, personnel and operating costs: None of these costs pay off unless the milk has the right quality. But who is in charge for your valuable milk until it is picked up? You can rely on a cooling tank from GEA Farm Technologies: TCool combines optimal tank design, highperformance cooling units and superior cleaning technology. The Expert control unit monitors key factors, ensuring perfect hygiene and minimising the operating costs.

With this powerful concept there is only one winner: You. Due to the quality of the tank you can rely on receiving top value for your milk. A quality investment with a quick payback.


VCool silo tank

The practical, energy-effi cient way to cool milk.

Large quantities of milk demand large tank volumes. The new VCool silo tank from GEA Farm Technologies can hold up to 35,000 litres of milk but takes up very little space. The set-up area may only be small, however, with the vertically positioned tank large quantities of milk can be stored safely outside buildings – and, naturally, an optimal storage temperature reliably maintained. The top-quality stainless steel casing protects the tank whatever the weather and the excellent insulation prevents energy loss. All of these features make the VCool an ideal, inexpensive and highly energy-effi cient tank solution!



A flexible, high efficiency instant cooling solution.

The XeCool Chiller range has been designed to meet the trend towards larger milking herds, greater milk production per cow and bigger more efficient milking parlors.

The XeCool Chiller combined with GEA NT50, NT 100 or VT20 Plate cooler, is the ideal ‘instant cooling’ system for large volumes of milk. The capacity range is from 1500 to 12000l/h (42kW to 542 kW). The milk is instantly cooled from 37°C to 4°C before it enters the storage tank. This ensures a high quality standard.

The XeCool uses a glycol-water mixture as a cooling fluid which is pumped through a plate heat exchanger.