DairyPro Q

Your team will appreciate the highly modern and motivating work environment with a focus on animal care. While the operator monitors milking, the herd management system delivers valuable information to help keep an eye on cow health. In the meantime, you can structure operational processes transparently with fixed working hours. Plan your DairyProQ rotary milking parlor with up to 3 milking times per day and up to 600 cows per hour.

High performance in a 24/7 operation

DairyProQ ensures around-the-clock milking with high reliability. Because each milking stall module operates independently, accessing its own system control and MilkRack, milking can be carried out at all times. If one module fails, the stall can be temporarily blocked, and the service module easily quickly exchanged in a few steps in one of the next rounds. Thanks to this unique feature you simply carry on milking automatically.

Automated Milking with DairyProQ

Unique milking routine inside the teat cup

With GEA’s automated rotary milking parlor DairyProQ, the standardized milking routine takes place completely free of stress. The cow steps calmly straight onto the rotary milking parlor. In seconds, the MilkRack attaches the teat cups, always with strict precision thanks to the 3D camera. The entire milking process takes place in the protected environment of the liner (In-Liner Everything), from cleaning and stimulation to individual quarter milking and dipping. Automatic attaching and undisturbed milking deliver a stress-free one-on-one service for every cow.

Efficient health management

In the DairyProQ, the newest generation of conductivity sensors monitor every udder quarter and let you manage health preventively. When conductivity values rise, and milk quantity goes down, an automatic test quickly diagnoses the problem. Through subsequent selection and timely measures, you can quickly return the cow to its regular performance level, saving time and lowering milk losses and treatment costs!

Benefit from GEA’s expertise

The GEA DairyProQ unites comprehensive knowledge of practice-oriented milking and leading development expertise. Innovative services provided by GEA expert teams round out the concept. Service and maintenance can take place during milking, and you benefit from smooth processes without downtime. The monitoring software GEA FarmView makes it easier for your service technician to check your automated milking system via online diagnosis.

Primed for the future with a GEA service contract

Protect yourself from unexpected costs and downtime. With a GEA service contract and its flexible two to five-year guarantee extensions, you are well equipped for the future. The partnership with GEA means a plus in security!