Meadow Mattress

Made from recycled polyethylene:

• 100% water proof.
• Lightweight and easy to install.
• Length 168cm.
• Width 100cm.
• 40mm thickness.


DBS+ Top Cover

Fiber reinforced plastic covering, which provides a smooth, comfortable surface for the animals:

• Easy to clean.
• Delivered as a roll.
• 2mm thickness.
• Fixed with plastic strips.


Latex Mattress

Manufactured from a combination of latex and polyurethane foam. The latex is extremely impact-absorbent and comfortable whereas the polyurethane offers strength and good shape retention. This combination creates an ideal balance between comfort and durability.

• Length 180cm.
• Width 100cm.
• 25 or 35mm thickness.


Dunlosheet Top cover

High quality rubber top cover with a polyester/nylon mixture reinforced center:

• Wear resistant.
• Good shape retention.
• Holds bedding material in place. .
• Delivered as a roll.
• 3mm thickness.
• Fixed with plastic strips.