AutoRotor PerFormer Plus

With the external rotary milking parlor AutoRotor PerFormer, you reduce workload and manpower to a minimum. Maximum flexibility in equipment and gradual automation according to your wishes let you streamline milking, while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. With 24-80 milking stalls, you choose the carousel size that exactly matches your needs, whether you plan two or more milking times a day!

Without interruptions to top performance

The rotary milking parlor rotates continuously at a steady speed. So, expect high throughput performance: while milking more cows per hour, you shorten the milking times and at the same time reduce labor costs. Efficiency guaranteed.

Great comfort side-by-side in the rotary milking parlor

Straight entry and free exit allow for fast cow flow with complete comfort. Relaxed cows move smoothly to the spacious milking stalls. The non-slip flooring and the cabinet’s curved design give the cow reassuring support and security. Optionally, feed concentrate can be distributed. Take advantage of the animal-friendly, relaxed atmosphere for milking times without interruptions.

Your preferred milking routine

Rotary milking parlor AutoRotor PerFormer

A positioning arm of your choice makes daily attaching easy. Is your focus on speed or on comfort with more hygiene? PosiGuide allows you to attach quickly with just a few steps and supports streamlined milking. PosiForm lifts the milking cluster to an ergonomic height and after removal carries it back cleanly underneath the entry/exit gate. With both arms, the milking cluster that you choose can be adjusted in height. This way you make sure of a perfect fit on the udder without applying leverage, ensuring especially gentle milking.

Professional milking stall management

If you like, allow yourself some support at the milking stall! GEA’s intelligent milking control units and automated detacher monitor milking management closely from stimulation to removal. Precise milk volume measurement included, the displays and the touchscreen at the carousels keep you and the herd management system up-to-date on the latest milking results!

Complete milking thanks to SpeedControl or retention arm

Rotary milking parlor AutoRotor PerFormer

Safe, gentle, fast and complete milking with AutoRotor PerFormer. The optional SpeedControl monitors speed in case the cow’s udder is not completely milked-out. As an alternative, you can select the retention arm that keeps the cow ready for a second round. Should the milking cluster ever fall off, you can now attach it again. This way you always take full advantage of the rotary milking system and at the same time protect the health of your cows!