GEA Global 90i

A comfortable, smooth milking experience for the cows and operators. With its compact design, the Global 90i does not take up a lot of room, and only necessitates the operator to cover short distances regardless of the size of the parlour. But it also offers a fantastic amount of space for every breed of cow. The modern, curved, hot galvanised frame can withstand any load without bending.

First class comfort: individual indexing

Your cows immediately get into the best position for milking with the help of the individual indexing system. The weight of the individual exit gate presses on the animal’s shoulders, easing it safely and comfortably back towards the operator. It is then in the correct place and accessible to the operator for milking.

Open door

The wide entrance invites your cows into the milking parlour: The cows move into place quickly, comfortably and without any stress; once in position the cow is in its own stall, undisturbed by others. When the last animal is in its stall  the entrance gate closes flush with the last milking place, and the whole group is well-positioned.

Your free space

Together with the individual indexes the animal-friendly design gives your cows the amount of space and room for movement it requires. The effect: less stress for man and animal. The quick exit rounds off the package and makes Global 90i into one of the »quickest« milking parlours with high throughput Individual exit of animals! In addition to the quick exit in the Global 90i, it is also possible to select each individual animal. Each front segment can be opened independently to release the individual animal from the milking parlour in the shortest time (option). This saves valuable time, cost and trouble. 

Betebe Milking Parlour Frames

BETEBE milking parlour frames are suitable for all makes of milking machine. An automatic feeding system can be supplied at a reasonable price. Automatic placing ensures a high degree of comfort for the cow. Larger or smaller cows always stand in the same place. Our milking parlour frames are produced in a range of different sizes. Whether the cows are black pied or Simmental, the BETEBE milking parlour frames can be supplied in 700, 750 or 800 mm sizes to suit your cattle. Double 8 to double 28 frames are standard, depending on herd size. The hydraulic lifting technology provides for rapid expulsion of the cows and is always operational, including at cold winter temperatures. Operation of the hoisting equipment and entrance gates is via an easily accessible operating button.

BETEBE milking parlour frames can be used in standard or swing-over operation. The open design facing the milking pit means that the frame is very clearly laid out. Cows can be recognised and checked with ease. Optionally, a hardwearing transparent protector made from Makrolon is also available. As a consequence of the various different prerequisites of dairy operations, we offer our milking parlour frames in 80 degree and 60 degree versions, with side exiting or front exiting. Modern milking also requires the use of a BETEBE squeeze chute.