Precision feeding
Save money and improve productivity

Under challenging market conditions when you are unable to influence the costs of feed, you can control your costs of feeding using GEA Farm Technologies precision feeding equipment. We offer market proven conventional feeding systems for in parlour and out of parlour applications where performance, reliability, and low cost maintenance are synonymous with our GEA brand philosophies.

Our technologies allow you to feed precisely to each cow’s needs avoiding under and overfeeding based on sound herd management and nutritional principles, customised to your farm situation.

And now we are able to complement our other automated equipment programmes with feeding systems from Mullerup the leading manufacturer of automated feeding solutions; from the simplest of belt systems to fully automated mixing and feed delivery systems. Suitable for multiple feed types and feed groups, frequent fresh feed maximises intake, feed conversion, milk production and animal health. Feed all your livestock in only 30 minutes per day and reduce your building, labour and energy costs at the same time.