True variable speed milk pump A better way of cooling milk and saving money

Maximise pre-cooling efficiency

Pre-cooling the milk before it enters the bulk tank ensures fast cooling (and hence better milk quality) and lowers the energy used by the bulk tank. Plate cooler efficiency depends on a consistent water-to-milk flow rate ratio of 2:1. However, conventional milk pumps are set up to start when milk in the receiver reaches a certain level and stop whilst the receiver fills up again. The milk therefore ebbs and flows through the plate cooler, fluctuating from no milk passing through at all to flow rates that far exceed the target , which equates to half that of the water. Often the water flow rate that is achievable is restricted by limited water supply capacity, and the situation is further exacerbated by the use of a high capacity milk pump.

ConstantFlow – Intelligent control

Having lower milk delivery temperature results in significantly reduced energy costs. ConstantFlow is therefore a variable speed milk pump that ensures the flow of milk through the heat exchanger is as low and as constant as possible. This enables the heat exchanger to extract as much heat out of the milk before it is delivered to the bulk milk tank. Furthermore, fast cooling of the milk restricts bacterial growth and helps maximise milk quality.

True variable speed milk pump

ConstantFlow uses intelligent software to determine the rates of milk flow into and out of the milk receiver. ConstantFlow calculates the desired milk pump speed, avoiding the need to “panic and pump” at unnecessarily high speeds which wastes precooling energy-saving capacity. Multi-speed milk pumps without this intelligent control cannot respond to the fluctuations in milk flow that normally occur during milking and will not therefore achieve the precooling efficiencies that are possible with ConstantFlow. ConstantFlow is suitable for most dairy systems, is easy to install and requires no service maintenance.