AutoRotor Magnum 40

Comfort, efficiency and throughput are uniquely combined in the AutoRotor Magnum 40. In the internal rotary milking parlor, thanks to the 16-40 rotary parlor milking stalls in herringbone style, you always have a clear view of the cows with short distances and free access to the udder. Take your time to check on individual animals, while cow after cow swiftly enters the platform. Everything takes place peacefully because you can rely on professionally managed milking from full stimulation all the way to cluster removal!

Maximum comfort, stress-free pace

For calm, but speedy processes, all components in the AutoRotor Magnum 40 work together smoothly. The energy-efficient drive ensures smooth startup and quiet operation, while the rotary coupling reliably supplies the milking equipment with vacuum and at the same time gently transports the milk towards the cooling system. At every milking stall, GEA’s optional positioning arm holds the milking cluster ready at an ergonomic height. This way you can always attach early, efficiently and conveniently. At the same time, you also have plenty of time for pre-cleaning and post-dipping!

Smooth cow flow customized for you!

Rotary milking parlor AutoRotor Magnum 40

Design loading just as you wish: with EasyEntry every cow coming from the waiting area moves smoothly to the next free milking stall. With SingleFlow, cow after cow enters the platform quickly through a central gate. Ergonomic, rounded stall dividers direct the cow to the animal-friendly milking stall. Together with the front gate, they ensure a precise indexing procedure. Set up at an angle of 40°, the cow stands securely and comfortably in the ideal attaching position. Feeding with concentrate can take place during milking via optional feeding troughs.

First class milking routine

Depending on the equipment, GEA’s milking control units take over milking management for you including full stimulation. While the network compares current milking results via the herd management system, you see the relevant processes for milking at a glance on the touchscreen or IPC. Make sure you get automated support for the udder-friendly and effective milking process.

Milking carousel with a system

The carousel milking system’s design has been thought through down to the last detail and can be expanded as needed. Increase work efficiency with an automatic crowd gate in the waiting area, simplify cow management with selection equipment. The robust concrete platform and heavy-duty steel surfaces make cleaning easy. While water and dirt flow quickly off the sloped deck, technology and hoses are protected under the platform. Minimal effort for a hygienic working environment with everything ready for the next milking!